Today, I am on my internship at a kind of farm. We have to take care of the animals, and the people who live here. Unfortunately, one of my most favorite animals just got sold. There wasn’t enough space for her anymore. She’s called ‘Nona’, and she’s a donkey. She’s like super annoying all of the time, but we still love her ❤

We’ll miss you, Nona ❤

xoxo Sharon~

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Ready for Christmas? Well I’m certainly not (just kidding. I totally am). 

How am I supposed to build a snowman with (a a lack of snow, and (b the snowman from Doctor Who stuck in my head? Aw hell no. Not gonna do that shit. It’s fReAkInG mE oUt. They’re so terrifying. Aw my gawd. Just no, okay? No.

P.S There’s not even a single bit of snow over here.

xoxo Sharon~


So totally got hooked on Holiday by Green Day yesterday. Holy shit, that song’s good! Can’t stop listening to it x3 I listen to it like every second of every day, atm, and I don’t seem to be able to stop. Is that bad? Probably not…

Anyways, Green Day is one of these bands that barely have any bad songs. Like, seriously. I nearly love EVERY song from them. It’s a addiction D:

xoxo Sharon~

Fassbender smile

Okay, so the weirdest thing happened. Someone (or actually 3 someones) told me I have da Fassbender smile 😎

I’m like, fangirling so hard over this~

How do I have the Fassbender smile? I’m nothing LIKE Fassy. But someone actually called me a ‘beautiful shark’, and OH MY GOD.

So, here’s me, with the ‘Fassbender smile’~ 


xoxo Sharon~

Hi there~

Hellooooo~ It’s @ThatsMyWalkman from Twitter~ My name is Sharon, and this is the place where I will be leaving my thoughts. These thoughts will mostly be Marvel, Doctor Who and BBC related things. But also things from bands, such as Green Day and MUSE.

I hope you guys will like it~

xoxo Sharon~